Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiking - A workout with a view!

Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail (you can see the sea covered with fog on the horizon)
Last January, when I decided this was going to be the year that I really got serious about working out, I joined a hiking group.  I went to and found a hiking group in my area.  There are tons of hiking groups around here. It's the thing to do in California! I went to my first hike shortly after the new year and met another couple that runs their own hiking group and I've now been hiking with them almost every Saturday morning. 

I chose to move over to their group because they do long hikes...usually 8-13 miles at a faster pace than the other group!  It was really hard for me at first but after a couple months I could keep up with the more experienced hikers and it felt really good!  I went every Saturday morning and never missed one until about June! 

Due to scheduling conflicts, I haven't been hiking for the past 3 weeks but I was finally able to go last Saturday. Wow.....It was almost like starting all over again!  I did well until about the 8th mile...we still had 2 more miles to go at that point and it was mostly all up hill!  The thing with don't have a choice, you have to keep going...we were out in the middle of nowhere!  I just wanted someone to carry me out of there at that point! haha! I made it though but am I ever sore!  I learned my lesson...I  need to keep up on my hiking! It is a great workout!

I've found that it's better to work out with a group or at least another person because if you are like me, you just don't push yourself on your own!


  1. Good for you for getting back out there, Cindy. Are the front of your thighs sore? That's what always gets me the most!

    I didn't walk my 3 miles this morning but I did 2. Felt good to be out there and my mind feels more clear this afternoon.

    I agree about having someone else to push you, I need to try meetup too.

  2. Good job Tracie! Yes, the front of my thighs are really sore and my "behind"! I haven't gotten sore from hiking in a long time! I still got up and went to fitness bootcamp this morning though! Tomorrow will be a "rest" day!

  3. Good for you:) What a great idea to join a club to hike. I'm going to check them out in my area.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Glad you got back to the group as soon as you could. Bet it sure felt good! Can't wait to return also. Man, I can only imagine how difficult it will be... can I ask you to pull me up the hill when I get back? haha

  5. Cindy I am still doing my 3 miles every morning.
    Good night if someone told me I would be doing
    8 miles I would fall out. Good job Cindy, I am
    so proud of you.