Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healthy Dining Finder

I just found a great website: Healthy Dining Finder.  It allows you to find healthy dining options in your area!  I was a little shocked when I put in my zip code and up popped Jack in the Box and McDonald's along with other options but once I clicked on them I realized that they tell you what the healthy options are at these places and they give you the nutritional value of each item.  This is great because sometimes I find myself eating somewhere that would not have been my first choice! Now I can at least make a healthy choice!

They need to have an iPhone app for this!  I would use that a lot!


  1. I'm going to check it out, thanks, Cindy. I agree on the iPhone app too, would be great.

  2. What a fabulous blog idea....I turned 60 this August and totally believe that you can't help getting older but you don't have to get old! I am now following you! Age is just a state of mind! Thanks for supporting "we women of a certain age"!