Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classic Inspiration!

I found this outfit above on Pinterest awhile back and fell in love with it!  I even posted it to Facebook and proclaimed my love for it!  

It wasn't until weeks later that I realized I had some items in my closet to recreate a very similar look!

Please excuse the unmade bed and the big black hot-flash fan!

I actually have two of these white cotton shirts. They are from Victoria Secrets online store.  I bought the one above in a size Medium and it's a little too tight in the bust area but I decided to keep it for when I lost weight and I bought another one in size Large.  I had the large one on earlier in the day but spilled salad dressing on it so I had to put the medium one on, which is still to tight in the bust even though I've lost weight.  It was just a tad too snug so I decided to put a lace camisole on under it.  

The skirt I bought awhile back at Express.  The skirt in the inspiration photo is higher waisted which would be better with the belt but since I already had this I decided to make it work!  

I also had the brown belt, shoes, and handbag! Forgot to put the handbag in the photo though!

When I had the larger shirt on without the camisole I wore a very similar necklace as you see in the inspiration photo!  It looked a little too busy with the lacy camisole though.

I can't believe it took me weeks to realize I already had everything I needed in my closet to recreate this look I loved!  

I love finding ways to mix and match my clothes! Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and sometime it just takes some outside inspiration!