Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classic Inspiration!

I found this outfit above on Pinterest awhile back and fell in love with it!  I even posted it to Facebook and proclaimed my love for it!  

It wasn't until weeks later that I realized I had some items in my closet to recreate a very similar look!

Please excuse the unmade bed and the big black hot-flash fan!

I actually have two of these white cotton shirts. They are from Victoria Secrets online store.  I bought the one above in a size Medium and it's a little too tight in the bust area but I decided to keep it for when I lost weight and I bought another one in size Large.  I had the large one on earlier in the day but spilled salad dressing on it so I had to put the medium one on, which is still to tight in the bust even though I've lost weight.  It was just a tad too snug so I decided to put a lace camisole on under it.  

The skirt I bought awhile back at Express.  The skirt in the inspiration photo is higher waisted which would be better with the belt but since I already had this I decided to make it work!  

I also had the brown belt, shoes, and handbag! Forgot to put the handbag in the photo though!

When I had the larger shirt on without the camisole I wore a very similar necklace as you see in the inspiration photo!  It looked a little too busy with the lacy camisole though.

I can't believe it took me weeks to realize I already had everything I needed in my closet to recreate this look I loved!  

I love finding ways to mix and match my clothes! Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and sometime it just takes some outside inspiration!


  1. This is sooooo classic and you look wonderful. what an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Oooh, I love that outfit and have it saved on my Pinterest! You look so beautiful in it, Cindy!

  3. I love the outfit and it really suits you too! Sometimes it's hard buying clothes, so I'm really happy when my 19yr old daughter comes along with me as she tells me when something is too young or too old! take care, Maryann

  4. I had pinned the same one. Classic pieces that anyone probably has in their closet. We just need the inspiration.

  5. You look fabulous Cindy! I love classic pieces too and really enjoy following your blog.

  6. You so smart Cindy. Looks good even with the unmade bed....which means you really do use that beautiful
    bed. Good job!

  7. Cindy, you look gorgeous in the outfit!! Keep showing us looks we can recreate from our closet. Love this!

  8. You look great... how much have you lost now? and how long has it taken you? So proud of you!! Smiles..

  9. I love this outfit. You look great. I am your newest follower by email and GFC. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  10. Cindy you look fantastic!!I would love to see more suggestions for how to dress. I turned 51 last week and want to look stylish still but sure need some help!! Makeup too! How do I keep those lines at by a little bit more! I would not change this time in my life for anything though. I feel so much more relaxed with who I am now.

    bee blessed

  11. I've lost 70lbs so far! 10 more to go...maybe 15...

  12. Wow... you look Fabulous, Devine and like a Drop Dead Gorgeous Diva!!!!!!!!! I am sooo following you!

    I have a thrift store style blog and right now I have my gorgeous teen girls modeling BUT when I loose a few pounds I am going to "recreate" some of your looks and model them.


  13. Cindy you are such an inspiration to me. I tuned 40 last year and I am in the middle of raising three children (youngest is turning 8). I love your blogs. You encourge me so much!!! Thanks!

  14. It usually takes someone else to point out the obvious to me! What a classic look. I don't have any place to where that though! Most of my shirts in my closet are paint stained!!

  15. You look gorgeous! I love the unmade bed and I have a "hotflash" fan too!!

  16. You make the outfit look fabulous. You are amazing.

  17. Gorgeous! Work it girl!

  18. You look so beautiful Cindy! Sometime you should put this pic next to one of you from a few years don't even look like the same person!!!

  19. Cindy,
    I LoVe the classic outfit, and the name of your blog.
    You really make over fifty look fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration and your beautiful recreation!

  20. Man, do I need to catch up to this other blog of yours; I haven't read it for awhile, and you've got some good stuff here. I, too, find fashion and a lot of things confusing past age 50. In fact, I just pulled off some info from the web, forgive me for not being able to source it, but it says that we women of this age group need to know that we HAVE to change if we want to age gracefully, because we can't dress the way we used to, or live the way we used to ... it usually means different makeup (lighter), a better bra (gravity!), clothes with a good cut and probably including Spanx, making sure graying and thinning hair is cut and styled best for your overall height/shape with a cut and color that's flattering (and probably not what you wore 15 years ago), whitening our yellowing teeth (yuck), getting tons more sleep (because, of many things related to health, it also adds years to your face), remembering that you cannot skip exercise or you're gonna have all kinds of aches/pains and a lotta flab BUT, and this is a fun thing, a 50+ lady can totally look forward to a terrific sex life without having to be worried about birth control, PLUS--and you can attest to this because you look HOT---we shouldn't buy into youth equals "sexy," instead strive for the conficence and freedom to dress and feel as sexy as you want to.

    On another subject, if you haven't profiled this in awhile, just as you posted on My Romantic Home about the delicious lo-cal pita-pizza, I'd love if you'd post about your sample daily menu. Give us an idea, since you're a poster girl of amazing vitality after losing so much weight and getting active, what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks...and, do you drink a lot of water (what are your beverages) or do you have tricks up your sleeve for combatting hunger, like chewing gum, etc. I think this would be really helpful and I'd like to hear!

    Thanks, Cindy!


  21. Love this blog. I'm close to the 50 mark and I really need to take my health seriously. You inspire me. So ready to get on board with exercise and eating right. I am in charge of my health and should take it seriously. Bless you.