Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classic Inspiration!

I found this outfit above on Pinterest awhile back and fell in love with it!  I even posted it to Facebook and proclaimed my love for it!  

It wasn't until weeks later that I realized I had some items in my closet to recreate a very similar look!

Please excuse the unmade bed and the big black hot-flash fan!

I actually have two of these white cotton shirts. They are from Victoria Secrets online store.  I bought the one above in a size Medium and it's a little too tight in the bust area but I decided to keep it for when I lost weight and I bought another one in size Large.  I had the large one on earlier in the day but spilled salad dressing on it so I had to put the medium one on, which is still to tight in the bust even though I've lost weight.  It was just a tad too snug so I decided to put a lace camisole on under it.  

The skirt I bought awhile back at Express.  The skirt in the inspiration photo is higher waisted which would be better with the belt but since I already had this I decided to make it work!  

I also had the brown belt, shoes, and handbag! Forgot to put the handbag in the photo though!

When I had the larger shirt on without the camisole I wore a very similar necklace as you see in the inspiration photo!  It looked a little too busy with the lacy camisole though.

I can't believe it took me weeks to realize I already had everything I needed in my closet to recreate this look I loved!  

I love finding ways to mix and match my clothes! Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and sometime it just takes some outside inspiration!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Style over 50

I find fashion over 50 so confusing!  I don't feel like I'm over 50 so I certainly don't feel like dressing like I'm over 50. I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to dress now.  It's not like it was when our moms were are age! I'm not wearing black pants with an elastic waist band every day!  Actually I wouldn't be caught dead in them!!!

I know for sure I don't want to dress like a 20 year old and I don't want to dress like an old women!  In a sense, I'm still trying to find my style at this age! This style above that I put together on Polyvore is totally my style at the moment. I love coral and I love gold!  

I even splurged on this gold Michael Kors handbag below a couple months!  I must have went into the Michael Kors shop 3 times to look at it before I bought it.  I haven't regretted it yet! It's the perfect summer bag in my opinion! 

In a way, I'm much more brave with my style now than I was when I was younger and it feels liberating! 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My new workout

Well, I did it! I've been wanting a Malibu Pilates chair for awhile and I finally bought one!  I've only had it a few days but so far I love it...and so does my daughter!  It's a great workout, I can really feel it in my legs, abs and arms!  In addition to doing the 20 minute workout I find I can sneak in some additional time while I'm watching TV.  I'll keep you updated on my results!

Also, an update on my weight loss...I'm now down over 60 lbs!  It's taken me a couple years but I'm fine with that! I could have easily put on more weight in those two years so I'm happy to see the scale going in the right direction!  I lost 50 lbs and kept that off for over a year and then I was ready to get serious and lose the rest of it!  I have 16 more pounds to go to reach my goal! I'm hoping to be there by my 52 birthday on September 24, 2012! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two products I LOVE!

A few months ago I finally bought a Clarisonic Plus Skin Care Cleansing system. I've wanted one for so long!  At first, I didn't want to spend that much money so I bought the cheaper copy by Olay. I was happy with that but I knew that the Clarisonic was probably better and I have to say it is!  My skin is smoother than it's ever been my whole adult life, which says a lot since I'm 51 years old!  I decided to buy the most expensive model with the body brush because my neck and chest was showing my age more than my face!  I bought mine through QVC and it came with a lot of different cleansers. I really love the refining skin polish! It exfoliates your skin and it really does make your skin look polished. 

About the same time I bought the Clarisonic I also bought this...

Lancome Visionnaire! It is expensive but you don't use very much and it's lasted months.  I just wish I could see how much I have left but you can't see through the bottle. Honestly that's the only complaint I have about it!  They are both really great products (and no, they aren't paying me to say this) and I just wanted to share some great products with you!

Really great products! My skin actually looks firmer now!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Greek Yogurt Breakfast

This is my favorite quick breakfast!  

Greek yogurt and berries!  I love the FAGE Greek yogurt. I've tried other brands but this is the best in my opinion.  I use the fat free variety, it's only 100 calories and NO FAT!! 

I just layer the Greek yogurt with berries and drizzle a little honey over it.  When I first started eating this I was so used to eating yogurt that was full of sugar that it took me awhile to get used to it.  I would mix in Splenda with the yogurt but now I eat it without sweetening it or I just drizzle a little honey over the fruit if the fruit isn't sweet enough.

As I eat it I like to smash up the berries and it turns the white yogurt this pretty purple color.

Before I was unemployed I used to just take a carton of the yogurt to work and a bag of berries and I didn't even have to put it in another bowl! When I would eat this at my desk, people would always comment on how good it looked! It really is yummy and so much healthier than that sugary yogurt.