Friday, September 2, 2011

Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles

I've noticed that I'm really drawn to Hollywood glamour hairstyles lately!  As much as I would  love to have the long hair I had in my 20s I think it just wouldn't look right on me now! I've noticed when my hair gets longer, it seems to "pull down" my face...that is the last thing I want at my age when gravity is already working against me!

I think these styles are classy and elegant! 

....and oh-so romantic!

Timeless really...

I think I may get out my hot rollers today and try to go with the "glam look" tonight!  If it turns out...I'll post a pic!  

What do you think...would you do a Hollywood-Glam style?


  1. I'd love to try a glam style...something with some curls! Hmmmm...maybe I need to gt some hot rollers. I donated mine a few years back!!!
    Hope to see a picture of you sporting the new "do" Cindy!

  2. If'n I had the rest of the "glam" to go with it! :)

  3. Well, they are all on young women and are all blonds. Years ago, a women over 40 would never have long hair...not so these days. Pulled back and up is always glamous. Best wishes with you new doo! Mumzie

  4. I think some of these hairstyles are lovely and would be just fine for over 50. Just don't keep it too long or too blond. I think the soft curls add a feminine look and soften the face.

  5. I have always been drawn to the Hollywood glamourous hairstyles. They are timesless! and as we mature many of those hairstyles enhance our natural beauty so much better than the long straight hair more appropriate for the 20's ....... you wear your hair appropriate for you. I love the color and cut! Keep up the styling and bloghing.....thanks Lorri bigger Cavins

  6. I agree with Penny for your Thoughts...If you've got the "rest of the package"...go for it!

  7. I think you are sporting that look on your "about" page and it looks fabulous on you!

  8. Really nice collection Cindy. I liked these pictures a lot so i decided to took these pictures to my hair dresser and she said the look of Gwen Stefani will suit on my face. And now i have cutted my hair like that.