Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Oil

Back in the day when I was a teenager, Johnson's Baby Oil was the stuff we slathered on our skin before we went to the beach to tan.  Tan? Me? Well that was more like wishful thinking...I would always burn!  Now I can't even imagine putting this on for that purpose but I still use it almost every day! 

I use it to moisturize my skin now.  Every morning after my shower, while I'm still in the shower, before I dry my wet skin, I slather on Johnson's Baby Oil.  Then I just lightly pat dry my skin. It works great on the days I wear skirts because my legs look smooth and silky, with a little bit of shine! (warning careful, the oil can make your shower floor slippery)

Love this stuff... and it's a good deal too!


  1. Great idea and I need to try it because I have such dry skin these days. I remebmer the days of bably oil, but we also put iodine in it to draw the sun even more!! CRAZY! I'm putting bably oil on my grocery list NOW, thank you.

  2. Yet another good old idea I had forgotten about...gotta pick some Baby Oil up next trip to the store!

  3. Baby oil is mineral oil. The thought of using mineral oil on skin makes me shudder. Mineral oil is a by product of the production of gasoline from crude oil. It is felt by many, myself included, that this contains too many harsh, toxic substances that could be absorbed through the skin. When one looks at the alternatives to this, such as apricot kernal oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil (great for arthritic joints), and even vegetable oils, why take the risk? The natural, plant oils have a lot more in common with the oils in our skin than petroleum-based products do. In fact, jojoba oil is the closest possible match for human sebum (skin oil).

    Some also feel that the mineral forms a much denser barrier layer, and could limit the amount of respiration the skin does. It might also prevent sweat from exiting the pores, clogging the pores with the waste material that it would normally expell (remember that oil and water do not mix, so it could trap it under itself.)

    There have been some studies linking mineral oil to cancer in rats and workers in industries with high exposure to it.

    I am a massage therapist and our school was against using products with mineral oil as a massage lotion, prefering plant based oils as more natural for the skin. Any moisturizing lotion applied directly after a shower on skin that has just been lightly patted dry will appear more supple and moist. Olive oil is excellent for the skin and joints.

  4. HI Cindy, I do the same thing except I use Johnsons Baby Oil gel. I like it better because it doesn't drip and is easier to apply without it getting all over the shower.