Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Fashion I'm loving!

This year I really want to get a fur vest!  I love the look of jeans and simple pullover sweater, boots and a fur vest!  This one is a faux fur from Topshop.

Love this ruched and shirred shirt! The modern has a metal zipper up the back. From Ann Taylor.

This Fall I will be buying at least one pair of new boots!  I'm loving these and they come in black too! They are from DSW my favorite place to shop for shoes!  When I go in DSW, I head straight to the back of the store where the sale racks are...there are some fabulous deals there and it's so much fun to find the color coded dots that tell you what percentage the markdown is!

I love the elegance of this metallic leather trench coat!  Wow!  It's from Spiegel of places! 

Now, if I only had enough money to buy all these things! Oh well, it's fun to go window shopping!  A girl can dream...

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  1. I've been hunting for boots myself! Finally found a gorgeous brown pair yesterday at Dillard's. :) Not sure if I'm brave enough to go fur, but my next purchase will be a vest. Love fall fashions! :)